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GenCyber Summer Camp

Cybersecurity Careers

Cybersecurity Careers

Increase interest in cybersecurity careers and diversity in the cybersecurity workforce of the nation.

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety

Help all students understand correct and safe online behavior.

Cyber Skills

Cyber Skills

25 hours of direct hands-on experiential time using Raspberry Pi computers and building robots.

2020 GenCyber Camp

We are postponing this summer’s GenCyber program till next year in light of the COVID-19 outbreak and are no longer accepting applications.

When is the GenCyber Summer Camp ?

The 2020 GenCyber Student Summer Residential Camp will be held June 20-27, 2020.

Who can attend GenCyber Summer Camps?

Rising junior and senior high school students.

GenCyber Counselors Needed

Are you interested in becoming a GenCyber counselor? Please email

COVID-19 Updates

In light of the national health concerns with the COVID-19 outbreak, our GenCyber team has decided to postpone the Summer 2020 program to Summer 2021.

Students who have applied for this year’s program will be notified of the postponement via email. 2020 applicants are encouraged to reapply for GenCyber 2021, rescheduled for June 19-26, 2021. 

We hope you all stay safe and healthy during this difficult time! We can’t wait to see you all next summer for GenCyber 2021.

What is the GenCyber Residential Camp?

  • 7-Day residential camps that are open to high school students of diverse backgrounds

  • Featuring 40 hours of engaging activities including an afternoon visit to NSA Georgia and the Fort Gordon Cyber Center of Excellence.

  • GenCyber’s mission is to grow the number of students studying cybersecurity.

  • The camps focus on engaging the learners with sound cybersecurity principles.

The GenCyber program at Augusta University has the following goals:

  • Expose high school students to potential careers and issues in cybersecurity.

  • Teach students how to secure their digital lifestyle.

  • Demonstrate to students why “Internet of Things” devices need to be secured.

  • Our program is designed to teach the GenCyber First Principles, cyber security ethics, and on-line safety and hygiene.

GenCyber First Principles

Frequently Asked Questions

The 2020 GenCyber Residential Camp dates are June 20-27, 2020.

The GenCyber Camps are FREE to all accepted students. Applications for the 2020 GenCyber Camp are available now.

Rising junior and senior high school students.

Unfortunately, if you have participated in a GenCyber Student Summer Camp in the past, you are not eligible to participate as a camper this year.

Students who attend the GenCyber Camp shall demonstrate exceptional skill, creativity, and knowledge in math and science. Academic achievement and social maturity are considered in the selection process. There is no specific numerical minimum test score or GPA set by the committee, however, admittance to the program is competitive.

The GenCyber Camps are prestigious, pre-collegiate summer programs, but they do not provide grades or college course credit. Accepted students are not required to take any exit exams or standardized tests regarding major courses of study. Accepted students who attend the program will receive a certificate of completion during the Graduation Ceremony.

Apply online at

We will accept applications through April 10, 2020. Applications received by April 3 will receive priority in the acceptance process.

Once your application is received you will receive two emails. The first, a notification email, will be sent within 48 hours of camp staff receiving your application and entering it into the evaluation process; this email is a confirmation that camp staff received your application. The second, a status of application email, we anticipate will be sent to all applicants during May 2020; this second email will notify you if you have been offered a slot as a confirmed slot, a wait list slot, or if you were not offered a slot for the 2020 camp. Be sure to add to your e-mail address book so that notifications do not go to your spam folder.

Augusta University features two buildings for residential living. During the summer months, these buildings house student campers. GenCyber staff provide 24 hour student supervision and students are appropriately housed by age and gender. For more information on our residential living spaces, click-on to:

Yes, If a student is accepted to GenCyber camp, the camp staff will reach out to the child/parent to determine if accommodations are possible within the confines of the program.

Absolutely! Please contact the Cyber Institute, Email address: Telephone number: 706-721-1110.